Geometry Dash Figures

Geometry Dash Figures

Geometry Dash Figures is a 10-star Medium Demon difficulty-level game in the Geometry Dash community. This is the most formidable mid-range challenge in this universe. You need to be a pro Dasher to conquer Figures. However, if you are a new player who wants to try, the game still welcomes you. The rigors of this game can be daunting. Let's see the changes in this journey and learn a few tips to win!


Explore the Gameplay

This game from the creator of Glittershroom begins with a rather tricky ship segment. You control the main entity to avoid a number able, and it moves through a gravity portal to transform into a ball. Here, use the jump balls to reach the location of the cube portal. The pace of the round slows down but opens up complex paths with many harmless blocks. Next, players will enter the wave segment at twice the speed with extremely limited movement space.

The long wave segment with the dizzying transitions in the level clearly shows a typical Nine Circles level. After passing through the wave chain, the character transforms into the ship at twice the speed. A final gravity shift carries the entity through a spiked passage and ends its journey.

Tips and Tricks

To master the wave train segment of Geometry Dash Figures, you can check out the following tips:

  • Grasp the wave’s movement - the zigzag shape.
  • Take advantage of the background music.
  • Multiple replays can help you remember the terrain.