Geometry Dash Fantasy

Geometry Dash Fantasy

Geometry Dash Fantasy, Adiale's captivating game, features an easy level with a rating of 2 stars of the Easy level. Beside, it has 3 user coins on the track. The game immerses players in a colorful, charming, and whimsical world with stunning visual effects and vibrant landscapes. The cube may be transformed into amazing new shapes when players control it through gravity portals. Simple leaps and sequences combined with calming music take players into a magical and wonder-filled world, making the game ideal for novice gamers or those looking for a pleasant experience. In addition, converting into multiple interfaces with different sizes is also an ideal experience for players to get acquainted with the main object in this series.


Collect 3 user coins

Geometry Dash Fantasy has a total of 3 user coins that are easy to collect. However, there are also hidden coins so you may miss them. Take a look at the locations of these items to fully conquer the game round!

  • The first user coin appeared at position 11%. Right at the beginning of the robot segment, you control the object to jump up from a platform to detect a hidden coin and collect it.
  • Players can see the second user coin easily at position 58%. In the second robot segment, you direct the entity to touch a jumping ball in front of a portal to fall down and grab the coin.
  • The remaining user coin is located in the cube segment at position 82%. After moving the entity through the transfer portal, the player needs to cross a small gap between two pillars and jump up to collect the last coin here.

Collecting user coins is not required. However, with easy gameplay in this version, you should experience all the features.

How to Play

Geometry Dash Fantasy has a slow pace and fairly easy obstacle challenges. If you are a new player, this is the most suitable version for you. First of all, let's get acquainted with the familiar maneuver commands in this game series. Gamers have three options with the same functionality: the left-click, the up arrow, or the spacebar.