Geometry Dash Extreme Fantasy

Geometry Dash Extreme Fantasy was created by the collaboration of three developers: Rabbatical, sackwon, and irabb2ti. It originally used the song Clutterfunk by Waterflame. With a ten-star Medium Demon difficulty level, the matrix in this game promises to bring players the most brain-busting experiences. Along with that, the attractive rhythm also makes the round more thrilling.


The matrix in Geometry Dash Extreme Fantasy

The Extreme Fantasy version begins with the familiar cube segment. The terrain now includes tall pillars, wide platforms, and some jumping balls. Obstacles are sharp triangles and saw blades. The mini-cube segment is followed by terrain with narrow passages in tunnels full of jagged and pointed blocks. Before reaching the ball segment, the object has a normal cube segment of speed. The matrix after that still hasn't changed much. Decorative objects like musical notes, clouds, hearts, and stars make the adventure more vivid.

The round continues with the ship sequence in a tunnel with many gravity gates and saw blades appearing continuously. After a series of cubes that vary in size between normal and mini, gamers reach their destination and complete the expedition.

How to control the object

In order for the object to move smoothly in the matrix, you need to understand the most sensitive control commands. The left-click will be a suitable choice for gamers who are used to using mice. If you find yourself more responsive to keyboard buttons, you can use the up arrow or the spacebar.

Note that precise timing alignment is the most important factor. A small collision can also cause you to have to start over from the beginning or even lose at 98% position. In addition, gravity gates will make the entity's movements more unpredictable, so stay focused to have the best experience with Geometry Dash Extreme Fantasy!

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