Geometry Dash Extinction

Geometry Dash Extinction

Adventure in a dark cave filled with spooky images like spiders, skulls, bones, and the deadly machines of Geometry Dash Extinction. This unique design was created by HaoN with 10 stars of difficulty. Covering the entire matrix of this user-level version is a dark atmosphere. In addition, the excellent combination of background music makes the challenge even more chilling. Besides, gamers can maneuver the entity to collect 3 user coins to completely conquer this track.

The round begins with a steady pace of a cube, a ball, a robot, and a ship segment. The periods when the screen turns dark are a change in the speed of the object. The speed is pushed to the highest in segment two, right after the first black screen. The movement of the UFO segment and the sine wave is considered the most awkward. The game ends after the object makes a mass transition through all interfaces and leaps to the finish line with the base cube.


Identify the positions of all user coins

  • Once the object acquires the key in the 5% position, the first coin will appear. In the first robot segment, the player controls an entity that jumps down from a coin-collectible platform in a small passageway below (location 7%).
  • For the second coin to appear, you need to collect the key right in front of the gate that switches from wave segment to robot (57%). The second item is located in the ball segment at position 61%.
  • The last coin does not require a key. It appears at the exit of a small passage in the terrain above. In the airship segment at 92% position, you move the object into the passage with fake spikes to collect the last coin.