Geometry Dash Evolution of Flying

weoweoteo (also known as Steve901) is the developer of the game Geometry Dash Evolution of Flying, which has a unique difference from other versions of the same genre. Although there is no level rating, it can be said that this is not a difficult version. The object's speed is moderate and steady throughout the adventure. Besides, the terrain is also passable, and there are regular checkpoints.


The creative adventure

Geometry Dash Evolution of Flying begins with a short cube segment before switching to the ship and remaining until the end of the track. Your task is to safely control the object moving through different terrains. The matrix in this version appears to have the most typical shapes of the Geometry Dash series. The opening is made up of tall columns and a few platforms, forming a narrow walkway. The second part is blocks arranged like pyramids. The next sequence occurs when you see the number 3 appear in the background. The matrix now consists of countless floating blocks. The challenge here is that the constant flashing light effect makes it more difficult for gamers to see. You need to remember the positions of these blocks to maneuver the entity and avoid collisions.

The next stage brings a similar situation to the previous stage. However, stable lighting effects and spacious space make it easier for players to navigate the ship. The terrain after that is high columns and narrow tunnels, with some sharp blocks appearing sporadically. The sixth part takes place with a similar matrix of darker background colors. You move the ship through a mirror portal to reach the eighth ring. The matrix is now covered with pointed blocks. The entity changed direction again and flew over plain terrain towards its destination.

How to Play

Players can choose one of the following commands to control the geometry:

  • Click the mouse on the game screen.
  • Press the UP arrow.
  • Press the Spacebar.
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