Geometry Dash Endorphin Rush

The explosive combination of TamaN and ASonicMen has created an adventure game with a stunning soundtrack in Geometry Dash Endorphin Rush. The game has a 10-star difficulty and consists of 3 silver user coins. Many players still feel that this is not a very difficult round, even though there are many changes taking place in the matrix. Initially, the level has only one simple block. This was followed by UFO shapes, robots in wave phase, and bisecting the object with dizzying sine wave movements.


Explore the stunning track

Geometry Dash Endorphin Rush starts the round with the overwhelming speed of the cube. Along with that is the complexity of the terrain, from slopes to high columns, release balls, and some blocks. The robot segment then maintains the same speed. The matrix turns into a road full of thorns. Some occurrences of acceleration humps cause the object to move quickly in the following passage. The round continues with the mini-cube segment, the ship, and the wave segment. Continuously moving through a series of portals makes the entity's movements more difficult to control.

The game's pace steadily slows down in the robot part. The terrain now mainly consists of jumping balls and some short ramps and platforms. The entity's speed increases during the mini-cube and microwave segments. The series of journeys then continues to increase in speed, with dizzying changes in both the shape of the object and the matrix terrain. The double block section is said to be the most difficult in this version. You need to have precise timing to get through the continuously curved tunnel. Geometry Dash Endorphin Rush ends with a mini-cube segment with quick jumps across platforms and to the finish line.

Directly collect user coins

  • The first coin appears at position 36%. Right at the end of the robot segment, gamers need to let the object touch the green jumping ball to have the jumping force to collect the coins next to the three pointed blocks.
  • The second coin appears in the robot segment at position 70%. The item is placed in the middle of fake spiked blocks. The player takes the coin and touches the blue jump ball to continue the journey.
  • The last coin is on a yellow switch gate at the 96% position. You need to freely drop an object from a block to collect it.
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