Geometry Dash End of Line

Geometry Dash End of Line

Get ready for fiery music and dizzying obstacles in Geometry Dash End of Line. The game was created by PMK with a difficulty of 3 stars. By creating professional jumps, players take turns navigating the object to overcome all 7,431 barriers to reach the finish line safely. The roads in the game are not too tricky, and this is the perfect opportunity for you to enjoy exciting music in a less stressful way.

In addition, you have an infinite number of challenges, so be patient to be able to clear the formation in Geometry Dash End of Line. Moreover, to completely conquer this chilling level, you need to navigate the main entity to collect 3 user coins in different locations in the track.


Lost in the neon matrix

The round starts with a basic cube and simple jumps. At the 15% position, gamers can control the object through one of two routes. While the upper route will lead to a sort of floating platform, the lower route will be small tunnels with gravity-altering portals. After that, the two terrains intersect again at 29%, with the music tempo decreasing.

The round continues with the ship segment at 41% and the appearance of spikes. Some brief transformations of the object take place here, such as the cube and the ball. The level transitions from a black backdrop to a blue background, with pulsating decorations and "THANKS FOR PLAYING" printed on a stairway-like platform.

User coins

Most user coins in Geometry Dash End of Line are in the bottom half of the matrix. Specifically:

  • 46%: The first coin appears in the train chain.
  • 57%: In the robot segment, gamers control the object to jump with jumping balls to collect keys. The coin will appear shortly after.
  • 70%: You navigate the entity to jump over several columns and collect the last coin in the cube segment. An encouraging text “Nice work!” will appear.