Geometry Dash ElectroWorld

Geometry Dash ElectroWorld

The colorful electric currents in Geometry Dash ElectroWorld are the creator's design of ASonicMen. The game has a 4-star difficulty and spawns 3 user coins. It is the first level in the Electro Pack. Players will control the main object to overcome all barriers in the matrix of different shapes. You win when the entity successfully reaches the finish line. The UFO stage begins with the object having to jump along the crooked tube between the star blocks. The lustrous, silky colors make this level incredibly wonderful and of the highest caliber.


Explore the appealing track

Geometry Dash ElectroWorld starts with some simple jumps from the familiar cube section. Awesome triangles will appear to distract gamers' attention. The neon colors in the matrix change rhythmically with the music, creating a feast of sounds and images for the eyes. The terrain remains at 20%, then the player comes to the airship segment. The matrix now consists of wall blocks with slopes and spikes on top. The reverse train segment follows with a more comfortable layout. A large space for movement is combined with a few narrow passages.

The round continues with the UFO segment. The safe travel distance is still quite spacious and does not have many obstacles. This segment extends to the 63% position, and the object turns into a ball. The terrain has changed markedly. Wide stairs appeared, along with countless jumping balls. The wave after that is also easy to overcome with short, steep blocks and a large travel distance. The level ends when the object moves to a position with the version name text displayed.

Locations of user coins

Collecting user coins during the Geometry Dash series is optional. You win this item to actually conquer the level completely.

  • The first coin appears at position 26%. In the train segment, when the background turns blue, you notice the terrain above. The coin will fall and float in the middle of the matrix.
  • During the UFO segment, the coin jumps up from the terrain below in the position of 48%. Players should control the object to move lower when the background turns green in this section to collect coins.
  • At position 98%, the coin appears in the final wave segment. This coin can be collected quite easily. You just need to maintain the entity's path close to the terrain above to get the coin and reach the finish line.