Geometry Dash Dream Cream

Geometry Dash Dream Cream

MrCheeseTigrr is the developer of the exciting adventure game Geometry Dash Dream Cream. Only the most experienced Dashers should take on this challenging Hard level, which has an incredible 6-star difficulty rating. Besides, the matrix has the appearance of 3 user coins, increasing gamers' ability to conquer and complete missions.


The matrix’s segment

Geometry Dash Dream Cream opens with the immediate appearance of spiked obstacles. The matrix is then basic terrain, such as wide platforms, blocks, high columns, and some jumping balls. This design has not changed much until the aircraft segment. At this point, gamers can see spike fences appearing from both sides of the screen. Besides, the walls between the two pillars also have a similar layout. The movement space for the entity is quite spacious and simple to traverse.

The terrain transforms into blocks arranged into brick walls until the next cube segment. The barbed wire fence is maintained with steps and a few jumping balls. Gamers control the object to jump continuously on high columns and stairs before reaching the final round. The level ends after you use a few simple jump commands for the object to touch the spheres and leap to the finish line.

How to control the entity

The maneuver commands in Geometry Dash Dream Cream are still familiar buttons. You can choose one of three ways: clicking the mouse, using the spacebar, or pressing the up arrow.