Geometry Dash Down Bass

Geometry Dash Down Bass

Geometry Dash Down Bass' dizzying flashing display obstacles were created by Spectra. This challenge has a 10-star difficulty and includes 3 user coins. The lighting effects, in harmony with the crazy melody, make the difficulty of the game double. Besides, gamers also need to be careful not to retry the challenge too many times in a short period of time to avoid harm to your eyes.


Walk through the challenging map

The level begins with a simple cube with some tricks, followed by an easy ship part. The matrix then transitions to a simple cube with easy orbs before the player is introduced to the Nine Circles wave. This wave is long and takes up a large part of the level, starting with a spam wave with click consistency. It then progresses to a difficult section with tight timing, awkward mini-waves, and a flashy background.

The gameplay then slows down with easy timings, then speeds up with awkward wave parts, jittery transitions, and difficult spam. The level then progresses to easier waves with simple timing. The final wave is difficult with tight corridors, hard-controlled mini-wave spam, and gravity portals. The player must pass an easy cube and ball with orbs and gravity portals to turn into a cube and fall into a teleport portal. The object then changes to a UFO, with some invisible spikes that are easy to avoid. The level ends with an extension wave with difficult timing and flashing stars.

Find out 3 user coins

The user coins in this level are truly a challenge for experienced gamers to control. You won't be able to collect them easily. Therefore, please refer to the information below immediately to avoid missing out on any unfortunate items!

  • The first coin is located at 51% in the double-speed wave segment and is rather easy to obtain.
  • The second coin is located at 85%, inside one of the black rectangular structures. Players must control the entity to skip the blue orb at 84% on the first rectangular structure and fall into the second.
  • The final user coin will appear when you collect all seven keys that appear throughout the track. The order of these keys is: 14%, 22%, 32%, 49%, 59%, 65%, and 96%. The final coin will automatically be collected at the end of the matrix when gamers have all the required keys.