Geometry Dash DorabaeBasic4

Geometry Dash DorabaeBasic4

Geometry Dash DorabaeBasic4 is an obstacle course game with extremely attractive rhythmic movements. Dorabae is the author of this game with a difficulty of Normal with 3 stars. Gamers control the main object in a position with many different types of barriers, such as sharp objects, saw teeth, etc. In particular, you will be overwhelmed by the lighting effects of the game's background because they will change with the music. However, the difficulty level is not too high, so new gamers can still enjoy and get used to this game.

Besides infinite replays, Geometry Dash DorabaeBasic4 has no checkpoints, so every time a collision occurs, the main entity will return to the starting line. Don't worry; the road in this game is not long, so try many times to conquer it.


Jumping, flying, and rolling with the geometry

To explore all 5,858 objects and overcome all obstacles, this version requires gamers to have precise timing to issue timely control commands.

Geometry Dash DorabaeBasic4 opens with consecutive jumps through the cube's four gravity gates. Immediately after that, there is a spiked tunnel with spikes. The next ship segment is moving through short ramps and narrow tunnels. Continuous platform jumps will be a challenge in the cube segment right after. The round continues with a collision with a reversing mirror, and the main object transforms into a UFO with a terrain of ladder platforms, long tunnels, and saw blades. The entity's speed will slow when changing direction again but will double again in the following ship and ball segments. The round ends when gamers navigate the entity through a series of neon saw blades and rush towards the finish line.