Geometry Dash DisKOTekA KreVetKa

Geometry Dash DisKOTekA KreVetKa

The ultimate combination of Wintter, Kentik, MaFFaKa, and Wodka has resulted in an impressive user-level game, Geometry Dash DisKOTekA KreVetKa. This uniquely named version has a 10-star difficulty level and includes 3 user coins.

This level will overwhelm you right from the start with the breakneck speed of the main object's movement. Besides, the game's terrain is also considered impassable. Obstacles appear consecutively in close positions and flash to the vibrant background music, increasing the difficulty of the round. This awkward matrix ends with a straight launch of the aircraft interface.


Positions of all user coins

The first coin is in the ball segment. At 16%, the player controlling the object jumps from a platform down between three cogs to collect coins. Note that after getting this item, you need to move the jumping object immediately to avoid colliding with obstacles. Next, gamers need to get the green key at position 25% to unlock the next coin. The second coin is located at 35%. The player navigates the robot through a steep tunnel and jumps up to get the coin. Finally, the remaining coin is in the speed cube segment. Gamers need to control the object to move to the terrain above to detect the item at position 72%.

How to maneuver the main object

In this game, players have three options for controlling the primary object: left-clicking, using the spacebar, or using the up arrow. The purpose of these command buttons is the same. Decide on the method that will allow you to navigate the thing accurately and most conveniently. In addition, time is a critical component in conquering any challenge. In order to navigate and time the game appropriately, players must be aware of the main object's speed.