Geometry Dash Desolation

Geometry Dash Desolation

Geometry Dash Desolation will help you immerse yourself in impressive music and thrilling matrix-shaking effects. Unique creation in this user-level game designed by HaoN with 6-star difficulty. Besides, the map includes 3 user coins placed in different locations to create an outstanding challenge for gamers who want to completely conquer this complex challenge.


Let’s explore the matrix

Geometry Dash Desolation begins in a dark landscape with tall cylinders and deadly cactus-like columns. This first cube segment has some heavy object moves. It even shook the screen for a moment. The terrain is mainly wide platforms with a few short slopes that extend to the end of the aircraft and robot segments afterward. The round continues after a short break with a short train and ball segment. Gamers continue their adventure with the entity's high-speed cube form. Immediately following is a short train and robot section that continues in terrain with plenty of room to move.

Where the matrix has tall columns and portals, there are rapid transformations of entities into the cube, the ship, the UFO, the robot, and the wave forms. The round changes for the robot segment with moving saw blades. However, the safety clearance is still plenty for you to keep the main object safe. The matrix layout remains the same in the train and cube sections that follow. The fast shadow and ship segments occur briefly before the object returns to cube form. The level ends with a short slide of the cube.

Collect user coins

  • 21%: The first coin appears in the speed cube segment. After moving the object over a pink arrow, you will discover the coin under a pointed triangle block.
  • 69%: In the robot segment, gamers control an entity that jumps down from a large platform with a puzzle to collect the second coin.
  • 90%: The last coin is in a small passage. With a ball shape, the object needs to move downward to enter the path with this coin.