Geometry Dash Death Moon

Geometry Dash Death Moon

Caustic (also known as FunnyGame) is the talented creator of the exciting obstacle course game Geometry Dash Death Moon. With a difficulty level of up to 10 stars at the Easy Demon level, the game promises to bring the most extreme obstacle matrix. Your experience ends when the main object reaches the target wall.

The first portion of the level is a straightforward cube segment that alternates between half-speed and triple-speed. The tight music makes the level appear difficult. Players advance to a more straightforward mini-ship section with flashing and fake bricks after a short but difficult ship phase with little quarters. Following a few mini-cube memory tests and tricks, there are two difficult mini-wave parts: a dual cube section, a wave section, and a nearly auto mini-cube section. After the song's pre-drop, there's a ship and ball segment and a difficult triple-speed UFO phase that incorporates limited spaces. Two cube pieces that move at a conventional speed and two ball segments that travel at a slower speed are given to the player when the music slows down. The level ends at half-speed, showing the level's name in Chinese characters, 死月, and knobbelboy's Demon head.



  • The matrix at this level has 39,828 objects.
  • The Chinese word appearing at the end of the track translates to Death Moon (version name).
  • A notice indicating that Caustic had lost everything on his account surfaced on April 29, 2020, briefly converting the level into a free Demon until it eventually became an Extreme Demon.

Some reviews from users

  • Death Moon has an ideal soundtrack. It really fits the difficulty perfectly and makes the round more exciting. In some segments, players can move entities according to the music beat to make overcoming obstacles more exciting.
  • “How can a level be so perfect? The song, the theme, how they fit in every single part, the gameplay, how everyone can pick it up and have so much fun and satisfaction. It's just the perfect level.”
  • “Despite having played it many times over the past two years, this is still my favorite user-level version.”
  • Although this is not a difficult Demon level, it makes gamers motivated to conquer more difficult challenges.