Geometry Dash Dark Paradise

Roli GD created the challenging adventure game Geometry Dash Dark Paradise, which is both thrilling and not very difficult. Players of all skill levels are able to test your talents and overcome the hurdles with a 2-star rating and 3 user coins to acquire.


Discover the exciting adventure

  • Beginning to 17%: The level begins with a basic half-speed cube segment with many saw-blades, single spikes, and an always-changing color plot.
  • 18-39%: The object speeds up and enters a normal-speed ball segment, where the player must manage it, hop between stages, and bounce off different hop pads.
  • 40-57%: A half-speed ship sequence with saw blades is introduced. They easily dodged due to the wide open spaces and numerous arrows and decorations, guiding gamers through the game.
  • 51-73%: The next section features a simple mini-UFO with numerous substituting slopes. To complete this, press consistently and stay close to the screen's center, displaying two long, even lines.
  • 74-79%: The second-to-last zone of the level features a brief autocube segment where the object bounces between blue gravity pads and undergoes speed changes. The entity at this position varies from half-speed to triple-speed as the music builds up.
  • 80% to the ending: You continue to direct the entity through a wave section, reflect portals, and saw blades, inevitably encountering Rolipso's signature and texts. They zoom through triple-speed entries before the level ends.

Positions of 3 user coins

  • To gather the first coins, you must maneuver the main object to jump over a yellow bounce pad and drop into a blue gravity portal. It is the position of 9%.
  • The second coin is 24% within the ball section, slip into a spiked area, and climb a platform.
  • The third coin is 57% in the opening of the ship sequence, challenging to collect due to a limited tunnel with spikes.
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