Geometry Dash Crystal Cavern

Jump, fly, and slope like a master with the adventure user-level game of Geometry Dash Crystal Cavern created by ZenticAlpha. The game is rated with a difficulty level of 10 stars, and the diverse obstacle courses will be a challenge for any player.

The round starts with a perplexing cube segment where you have to click on spheres to change the time and gravity while jumping over spikes. Trap spheres may make things more challenging. In the UFO stage, you have to soar through spiky, cramped spaces while shifting gravity. Gamers encounter sporadic hurdles and shrink into tiny UFOs. There is another cube stage that comes after the UFO stage, in which players have to leap over spikes and click on specific spots. The ball goes through a brief auto-stage, after which the game returns to the simpler UFO stage. You completely conquer Geometry Dash Crystal Cavern when controlling the object to the finish line.


The different design of this version

ZenticAlpha's talented creativity has created a magical neon matrix full of differences. Players can see that the objects used in the track are all consistent in concept. Obstacles, or even decorative figurines, are in the shape of sparkling gems. Gamers will feel lost in a party with vibrant rhythms and lighting effects.

Besides, the terrain of Geometry Dash Crystal Cavern also does not have certain complications. In particular, you need to pay attention to small paths with spikes. However, these spikes only have a decorative effect and make the adventure more brilliant. At the end of the level, gamers will be challenged in a matrix covered with sparkling crystals.

Tips for gamers to conquer this matrix

Although it is rated 10 stars, according to many gamers, Geometry Dash Crystal Cavern is not too difficult to conquer. Here are some tips and short reminders for you:

  • Things that only have outlines are false barriers, they do not affect the main object. So please ignore it so as not to get confused.
  • You do not need to control the entity through every portal on the track. If you feel you are having difficulty with the main maze, gamers can choose other directions instead of moving through the gravity gates.
  • All the objects appearing in the tunnel are decorations. You just need to navigate the entity, avoiding collisions with the main terrain from either side.
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