Geometry Dash Cosmic Shard

Geometry Dash Cosmic Shard

Geometry Dash Cosmic Shard brings the experience of the matrix with dim lights flashing to the music. This user-level obstacle course game was created by HTigerzGD with 7-star difficulty and a single user coin. The flashing effects following the melody will hinder the players’ vision in the early stages of the round. Be especially careful with aircraft mode in locations with many falling pieces of glass. This is considered the most challenging segment because even a slight collision with an object will cause the round to restart. Don't worry; replay multiple times to get used to and conquer this tricky map.


Explore this complex matrix

Geometry Dash Cosmic Shard has a different opening from most versions. This user-level game begins with an airship segment in a flickering light scene. This segment will challenge your memory. When the light turns on for a moment, the player must locate the floating obstacles. Even a slight collision will cause gamers to lose, so focus on giving the most accurate control commands. Coming to the cube segment, the matrix starts to have better lighting effects to follow.

Such a situation lasts until the ball segment. The terrain now consists of sharp blocks, like giant crystal blocks. The player controls the ball to move along white dots to reach safe locations. The round continues in a matrix of free-falling tetrahedrons. This UFO segment requires gamers to navigate the entity, avoiding any falling obstacles. The object briefly returned to its cube shape, then transformed into robot mode and moved on tall pillars. Geometry Dash Cosmic Shard ends after the ship flies through a series of narrow tunnels with spikes.

Identify the position of the user coin

The only coin in the Geometry Dash Cosmic Shard has a familiar shape and is located between the words “Free coin” and “LOL”. In the robot segment at 85% position, the player controls the entity jumping up from a pillar. The coin appears on the above of a pink jumping ball.