Geometry Dash Congregation

Geometry Dash Congregation has the mysterious dark matrix created by Presta with a 10-star Extreme Demon level. With its intense gameplay and precise synchronization, it presents a thrilling and demanding journey for players seeking a true test of your abilities. The gameplay of this fan-made game revolves around synchronization, offering a high-intensity experience with its meticulously timed challenges. Players will encounter a series of incredibly tight timings in the cube, ball, and robot sections.


Find out the terrain in this maze

Terrain in Geometry Dash Congregation consists of eight main parts, including two drop sections. Specifically:

  • From the beginning to 11%: The level's initial section features tight mini-cube gameplay, small gaps, and moving sawblades, with blue decorations and a fading effect, requiring memorization.
  • 12-22%: The second section of the level consists of tight mini-ball timings on straight and sloped platforms. This section also contains some orb timing.
  • 23-31%: The level continues with the tight normal-size ball timings with flashing red and orange objects as moving platforms.
  • 32-42%: The fourth section has the same gameplay style but with moving blocks and a drop after passing tight cube timing between two spikes.
  • 43-59%: In the game, there are two drop sections that feature gravity changes, tight timings, and various orbs and portals. The platforms move around, and the decoration in these sections contrasts with the previous ones.
  • 60-84%: The second drop section is the fastest part, with quadruple-speed robot timings and more orb timings. The platforms continue to move, and there are additional gravity changes. The decoration in this part alternates between orange-red and purple-blue. The drop concludes with a fading screen.
  • 85-95%: In the final section of the level, there are the slower mini-cube timings, no platform movement, and a blue color scheme. The part concludes with a flat cube section featuring a few timings.
  • 96% to the end: Afterward, neon-blue digital-style text appears gradually, displaying the level's name, creator, verifier, and play-testers: Exerity, Arb, Rustere, and YakobNugget. The matrix ends with the letters 'GG' appearing in the background.

How to maneuver the unique entity

Geometry Dash Congregation has simple control buttons: clicking the mouse on the game screen, pressing the UP arrow, or using the Spacebar. However, not everyone can successfully complete the matrix. You may have to try again hundreds of times to get used to and clear this obstacle maze.

Therefore, before participating in the main round, you can refer to the terrain and entity changes in advance. In addition, gamers can watch the completions of previous conquerors to learn how they play. The important thing is that this is a game that moves to the music. This means you can direct objects to move according to the melody of the background music to avoid difficult barriers. Just note that your control commands must have absolute precision to clear this matrix.

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