Geometry Dash Confusion

Geometry Dash Confusion

Geometry Dash Confusion continues the obstacle mazes in the ultimate adventure of the most popular series with the user-level version of the game. Schady is the creator of this game with a 7-star Demon-Level difficulty. Besides, the matrix in the round also contains three user coins located in easily overlooked positions. Gamers completely conquer the game when maneuvering the main object to overcome all terrain and collect enough coins to reach the finish line. True to the name Confusion, this version of Geometry Dash gives players dizzying challenges with magical lighting effects on everything.


The main track of the Confusion version

Geometry Dash Confusion starts with a long slide with the version name and developer name in the background. The round actually opens at position 4%. The player controls the cube to jump across wide platforms and some simple jumping balls. The object's speed increases after moving through two consecutive gravity gates. The terrain does not change until the robot segment. The background color turns purple, and the entity's speed once again increases. The terrain now turns into platforms, with obstacles being pointed triangles. After touching two jump balls and passing through a transition portal, the entity arrives at the short cube segment and enters the airship segment shortly thereafter. The matrix is now decorated with stone blocks with skull signs. The fastball and cube segment then continues for a short time.

The round continues after the autocube makes several consecutive jumps. The screen appears with the words “Get ready to go!” signaling a series of challenges ahead. Players come to the ship segment with slopes forming the shape of buildings with roofs with many pointed blocks. The entity moves on as a ship after a short, fast wave. The matrix remains the same until the drop segment at position 75%. The next stage is like a repeat of the previous segment. The round ends with a straight flight for the ship. The screen once again appeared with the version name and creator, Schady.