Geometry Dash Classic

ComplexX is the creator of the most challenging obstacle course game, Geometry Dash Classic. This user-level game has a 10-star difficulty and includes 3 user coins. Players control the object with different shapes, overcome all barriers, successfully reach the finish line, and win. Note that collecting user coins is only a completion, not mandatory.

The level begins with a difficult cube portion full of fakes and traps, then moves into a meandering area that is full of troll orbs. At 17%, the wave phase is split into two sections: the dual wave, which has no portals and special hazards like thorns and fake lines, and the vocalist wave, which contains spikes, fake lines, sawblades, and size/gravity portals. Toward the conclusion, the tempo slows as gaps close in with ominous spikes. Like the last sector of Nine Circles, the last segment is a challenging cube section with 1.8 blocks. At the end of the level is the ComplexX mark, a "wall of fame," and an invisible saw blade that has a 97% mortality rate potential.


Identify the positions of user coins

  • The first coin appears in the fast-wave segment. Players can easily see that the coin is in the middle of the matrix, in position 20%. Gamers perform navigation maneuvers with the high-speed entity, avoiding two spike blocks and collecting coins on the side.
  • Still in this wave segment, you can detect the second coin. The location of this item is at the 41% mark. However, this coin is quite difficult to get. It is located in the terrain below, close to two steep slopes. Gamers need to skillfully control the flying object to get the coin and quickly change direction to avoid collisions.
  • The last coin is in the 85% position. In the cube segment, the coin is located on elevated terrain. You need to move the object to touch the blue ball to jump up. Continue making one more tap with another orb in the above and get down to collect this coin.
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