Geometry Dash Carnation

Geometry Dash Carnation

Get ready for exciting adventures in the complex matrix of Geometry Dash Carnation. This user-level game was created by IlhamAulia with a 6-star difficulty of the Harder level. Besides, the dangerous road also contains three silver user coins for gamers to collect and completely conquer this round. The shape and size of the object will change continuously each time you control it through a colored portal. The hardest challenge in this round is the dual-ship appearance, where you need to maneuver two entities moving at the same time at high speed.


How challenging is the matrix at this level?

You can track the route of the geometry on the blue toolbar in the upper corner of the game screen. There are four main parts at this level: 

  • 0-21%: The round starts with a short slide of the cube and a background image with creator IlhamAulia's name. The terrain consists of steps, pointed triangles, jumping balls, and a few transition gates that maintain the brief of the ship, the ball, the robot, and the UFO segments.
  • 22-45%: The next segment starts with touching the cube's four golden jumping balls. Next is the dual-cube section at twice the speed with the saw blades. The terrain of high-rise columns, saw blades, and several portals are the locations of the cube, the ship, the ball, and the UFO. Before going to the ship segment again, gamers come to a short wave segment.
  • 46-69%: After collecting the first coin, the speed and transition of the object become more unpredictable. Terrain and speed are also kept stable.
  • 70-100%: The entity's speed becomes double during the last leg. The continuous appearance of conversion ports is also a difficult challenge in this segment. The object stabilizes in cube form with a few simple jumps and reaches the finish line.

Positions of all user coins

  • The first coin is in the 4% position. Notice the crystal above first when the entity reaches the robot segment.
  • 44% is the position of the second coin. In the UFO segment, the coin is on the above of the second saw blade.
  • The last coin appeared at position 54%. In the robot segment, after jumping over two columns, you can observe the coin in the middle of the pointed triangle blocks in the terrain below.