Geometry Dash Blackout

TheRealDarnoc is the creator of the one-of-a-kind game Geometry Dash Blackout. Appearing in a vibrant rhythm are simple visual designs. Players, as usual, maneuver the object successfully to the finish line to win. The game is a Hard level with no star rating and it has a short racetrack.

Geometry Dash Blackout has a matrix covered in two simple colors: black and white. The objects that appear in the track also only have a certain number of blocks, are not diverse, and cause many obstacles. In this adventure, the main object is a cube. All obstacles are the vertices of an acute triangle. One slight collision is enough to make gamers have to start over from the beginning. Besides, the appearance of jumping spheres and gravity gates also increases the unpredictability of the entity's movements. A unique shape transformation of the entity is the vessel segmentation from 50 to 62%. The round then continues in a cube shape, with the terrain remaining constant until the end of the matrix.


The matrix in Geometry Dash Blackout is designed simply. The control commands in this game are similar to those in other versions of the same series. You can use the left-click, the up arrow, or the spacebar to control the geometry. However, be careful each time the entity moves through the gravity portal. The speed or mass of the object will change, causing the control time alignment to change accordingly. For example, you will need to press the button sooner if the object is moving at high speed, and vice versa.

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