Geometry Dash Bang Gang

Geometry Dash Bang Gang

Expect to overcome the impossible in Geometry Dash Bang Gang! It is originally one of the custom levels from the immensely popular Geometry Dash. In this game, players’ role is to control a small square character as it jumps from one platform to the next in order to avoid obstacles on its way. As simple as it may sound, Geometry Dash Bang Gang has a difficulty level of Extreme Demon, which means that it is one of the hardest levels you can play!

Geometry Dash Bang Gang features detailed level design and an extremely challenging obstacle course. In this game, there is almost little to no room for error, so one mishap and players will have to begin from the beginning! Try your best to progress through the level and be the best Geometry Dash Bang Gang player ever!


To control the square character, press the spacebar or use the left mouse button.