Geometry Dash Bacon Invasion

Ferdefunky is the developer of the 5-star difficulty-level game Geometry Dash Bacon Invasion. With its nature requiring precise timing and quick reflexes, the game makes it difficult for players with its complex matrix that moves to vibrant melodies.

Unlike most user-level versions, the object in Geometry Dash Bacon Invasion will immediately start with the obstacle matrix without a short slide. However, the arrangement of barriers in this game will not be too big of a challenge for gamers. The main entity explores stairways, narrow tunnels, and cubes from both sides, along with familiar interfaces.


Analyze the matrix of this version

Geometry Dash Bacon Invasion begins with a constant change in the cube's size. With the scene in an earthen cave and the version name, author's name, and difficulty level appearing. The robot segment that takes place immediately after also has changes in the size of objects and terrain, which are now platforms. The player controls the object through a transformation portal and reaches the ball segment. The matrix of this section is designed with sparkling crystal blocks forming slopes. The terrain remained in the UFO segment and the shortwave segment afterward. The double shadow segment takes place in a narrow passage and rapidly transforms the entity's shape.

The round continues with robot and cube segments at a faster pace. The following short wave segment takes place before the aircraft segment, with tall columns appearing from both sides of the screen. Gravity portals and transformations appear continuously, making the entity's movements more difficult to control. After a short break with the version name appearing in the background, gamers come to a quick wave segment, a short robot, and a dual-cube segment. The level ends after the entity returns to cube form, with you moving the controls a few short steps before completing your exploration.