Geometry Dash Astral Divinity

Geometry Dash Astral Divinity

This fan-made game with extreme obstacles challenges Geometry Dash Astral Divinity was created by Knobbelboy. Players will experience exploration in a matrix of nearly unstoppable terrain with the 10-star difficulty of the Extreme Demon level. Sparkling crystals following the music and a beautiful rainbow shape will be a gentle start. The background music becomes extremely intense and exciting when the object enters the real challenge. Continuous flashing lights will obstruct gamers' vision. You will navigate the object with one of these commands: left-click, the up arrow, or the spacebar.


The history of the Astral Divinity version

God Eater, a level in Geometry Dash, was to begin with uncovered to the open in March 2017 by knobbelboy. After a viral see, the maker completed the level and began the confirmation handle, accomplishing 35% and 51%. However, he endured a kidney stone and continued to advance, but confronted a 95% fall flat. In January 2019, knobbelboy confirmed God Eater, and it was evaluated. In any case, the level vanished on June 26, 2019, and all sneak peaks, advance, and confirmation recordings were evacuated from YouTube. Knobbelboy claimed the level was erased due to copyright reasons, but he later claimed the title and art were copyrighted. He chose to rename the level Astral Divinity, and after a 95% comeback, he confirmed it again on December 22, 2019.

Surf the matrix terrain

The level starts with a ship on a stage with a moderate tune playing within the foundation. The flying is modestly tight and requires great maneuverability. The level switches between typical measure and smaller than expected degree and doubles some time recently entering the following section, with the tune getting to be more vile and the trouble expanding.

Segments from 12-95% take place with many changes and extremely complex terrain. With a number of objects up to 147,432 items, this is one of the matrices with the most types of obstacles. Besides, the music's moving effects that make players overwhelmed and dizzy are also part of the challenge. The entity's movement speed will be a test of your control ability. Make sure you concentrate as much as possible and time it correctly to make reasonable orders. Furthermore, the main object will have all the shapes in the series, including the cube, the ship, the ball, the wave, the robot, and the UFO. With gravity gates, the entity's velocity becomes even more unpredictable.

At the ultimate part, the commitments flash within the red background as the cube clicks numerous hop orbs within the white, gleamed closer view. At the exceptional conclusion, the player must do a double spike jump, whereas a beast flashes within the background. At that point, the player launches from a jump pad to victory. The conclusion screen features a gold beast replacing the copyrighted conclusion logo from God Eater.