Geometry Dash Amnesty

Geometry Dash Amnesty is a rhythmic game that blends precision and pulsating beats in a digital symphony. Torch121 created this game at a relatively easy level with 2 stars and only 1 user coin. The visual aesthetics are vibrant and dynamic, immersing players in a world where every jump is a step towards rhythmic mastery.

The gameplay of Geometry Dash Amnesty is an intricate dance of reflexes and timing, with each level presenting unique challenges that demand split-second decisions and unwavering focus. The pulsating soundtrack serves as a backdrop and an integral part of the game, guiding players through the twists and turns of the rhythmic adventure. Success hinges on the perfect synchronization of movement and music, making this version a symphonic experience that challenges both skill and auditory senses.


Explore the fascinating matrix

The matrix in Geometry Dash Amnesty doesn't have too many challenges. The slow tempo starts with a cube shape. The ship and UFO segments then also have spacious moving spaces. The terrain is mainly columns with pointed blocks above. Note that these obstacles will move narrower from both sides. However, the intensity appears very thin, so your control will still be easy. The round continues with the robot segment, with the same speed and terrain remaining the same.

In the second half of the matrix, the object will have a slightly faster speed. The terrain consists of numerous pointed triangles that can cause loss if entities collide. Finally, the level ends after a simple train segment. The version's logo appears on the screen along with the developer's name and the words "Thx for playing".

Position of the only user coin

The coin appears right before the first gravity gate in the matrix. To collect this coin, it is very easy. You just need to direct the entity to jump in front of the portal at position 9%. The coin does not appear publicly but is hidden.

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