Geometry Dash Acceleron

Geometry Dash Acceleron brings the experience of incredible speeds with rhythmic moving blocks. Ferdefunky designed the matrix of this user-level game with a 10-star difficulty that includes 3 user coins. These items often appear in the most unexpected locations. Overall, this version requires quick reactions from gamers.

The level presents a variety of obstacles and hazards, requiring quick reflexes and precise movements. The visually stunning level features captivating colors, effects, and an immersive atmosphere, with a pulsating soundtrack keeping players on edge.


Get ready for adventure

Geometry Dash Acceleron opens with a short cube slide before entering a matrix of tall pillars and steep slopes. Wave segmentation continues after the object passes through a conversion gate. The terrain at this time is steep, with countless sharp triangles. The player then takes on the challenge in a long, narrow tunnel with a UFO-shaped object. At the end of the airship tunnel, there is a short cube transition gate. The terrain does not change much with platforms, tall pillars, and slopes until the end of the next cube section after three transformations of the entity's shape.

The round continues with a short wave and typical terrain, then moves on to the mini-cube, the ship chain, and back to the cube. The next stage is the UFO segment. The terrain changes with its own gravity gate and decorative sawtooth. Players need to focus on controlling the object because then there will be a continuous transition with the ball and dual-ball segments. The level ends with a mini-cube segment with simpler terrain. At the finish line, the version name and developer appear.

Positions of all user coins

  • 31%: The second cube segment is the location of the first coin. Gamers control the object and touch two blue jumping balls to reach the coin.
  • 71%: The second coin appears right next to the cube transformation gate from the airship segment. The player lets the entity drop down to collect this coin.
  • 96%: In the final mini-cube segment, the coin appears in a wide slot. This coin is very difficult to see because of the continuous flashing light effect. On the large platform with the question mark, gamers let the object fall a short distance downward to get this coin.
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