Geometry Dash 69 Machine

Geometry Dash 69 Machine

A player created the 10-star Easy Demon level, Geometry Dash 69 Machine. The special feature in this version is the short-term, continuous redirections of the main entity. This will cause real confusion for gamers in the process of navigating the object to avoid collisions with obstacles.

The origin of the creation

The 69 machine, uploaded during Version 1.3 of the game, received a part of Dislikes for its crazy trouble. As the level remained unbeaten, it became one of the most disdained levels within the diversion. Its obsessive utilization of mirror portals fueled its dislike. In spite of its infamous status, the level still sits at over 16,000 dislikes, with individuals still detesting it.


Go through the challenging matrix

The matrix in Geometry Dash 69 Machine consists of three cube segments, two ship segments, and one shadow segment. Insignificant movements of objects cannot reflect the trickiness of the maze. The crazy difficulty of this level can make it almost impossible for you to conquer. So, let's review some important segments for better preparation.

The level starts with a cube section with stages, spikes, and an upside-down portal. The cube at that point goes through reflected entrances, jumping upwards on platforms. It then goes upside-down and right-side-up, with reflected portals, stages, and spikes. The object continues to turn into a ship segment with stages and spikes, turning into a transport before gameplay. The cube section comes again with a smaller than expected transport area with spikes. Players control the entity to jump through platforms, spikes, a yellow hop orb, and a blue bounce pad. The cube at that point turns upside-down and unmirrored, then back to normal. The ball segment features stages, spikes, yellow hop spheres, blue hop spheres, right-side-up entries, and a blue jump cushion. After that, the object moves into another segment.

The round proceeds with a cube segment with stages, spikes, and yellow and blue jump orbs. The object goes upside-down again, hopping on stages and driving to a right-side-up portal. The cube parts are divided into two ways, with the bottom way being adjusted. Gamers maneuver the entity to get to some mirrored portals. It then comes to positions where it has spikes, a yellow bounce sphere, and a portal. The cube then becomes reflected once more, and after that, it is re-mirrored. The final area is a ship section with stages, spikes, and yellow jump orbs. The ship mirrors and goes down to the conclusion of the level.