Geo Dash

Geo Dash

Geo Dash is an adventure game on roads with bright neon lights. Controlling a cube to slide and jump over complex terrain is your task. Deadly spikes are always ready for the most unfortunate collisions. Your round can restart, but the terrain remains the same. This is a great opportunity to remember what will happen on the journey. Players take turns unlocking levels and worlds after completing previous rounds.

Geo Dash includes five worlds, each with ten levels. The way the map is designed will sometimes have sudden drops that prevent you from reacting to the next barrier in time. However, this can be resolved by replaying multiple times or consulting before the round. This game's awesome walkthrough feature can help you do that. If you're really confident, explore and prove your peak reflexes yourself!


The signature maneuver

The object will automatically slide from left to right in the direction of the main track. Players can click on the screen to make the entity jump or press and hold the mouse to create continuous movements. Note that this continuous control command will only be suitable in a few cases where the spikes are close together. Meaning it would be ideal for use with short safety ranges.