Friday Night Funkin

Friday Night Funkin is a rhythm game where players compete in freestyle musical battles. As a guy who is passionate about music, gamers need to perceive every note that appears well. Tap every arrow to win points and complete the challenge. Each level will have three songs with an extremely exciting tempo and rhythm. Each week (level), players will face a different opponent.


The funny story

A “Boyfriend” is having a bit of trouble with his “Girlfriend”'s father. The father thinks that the boyfriend can't do anything, so you need to prove the opposite. Having a good taste in music is also an impressive talent. Perform the whole challenge well so he can be allowed to continue the love story with his girlfriend. Formidable opponents are always watching you for the opportunity to prove themselves at any time. Don't let them do it!

Seven weeks with seven challenges

Friday Night Funkin includes seven levels equivalent to seven weeks of challenges and diverse songs:

  • Week 1: Bopeebo, Fresh, Dad Battle
  • Week 2: Spookeez, South, Monster
  • Week 3: Pico, Philly, Blammed
  • Week 4: Satin-Panties, High, MILF
  • Week 5: Cocoa, Eggnog, Winter-Horrorland
  • Week 6: Senpai, Roses, Thorns
  • Week 7: Ugh, Guns, Stress


In Friday Night Funkin, players use the arrow keys or WASD keys to touch musical notes (arrows) running from the bottom of the screen up. With arrows with long tails, players hold down the command button until the line ends. Turn up the volume, feel the fascinating soundtracks, and win gloriously!

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