Football 3D

Football 3D

Football 3D is a sports-themed game with the most thrilling free-kick series. Players will participate in the heart-stopping moments of every football match. You do not need to participate in fierce fighting moments but will directly enter the penalty shootout. This time, the task is to aim accurately to shoot or block the opponent's ball.

Football 3D requires players to have accurate coordinate alignment. You drag and drop the mouse to perform the character's kicking action. Besides, protecting your team's net is also extremely important. Determine the exact direction of your opponent's shot to block the ball in time.


Aim accurately and shoot the ball!

First of all, players need to determine the standing position of the opponent's goalkeeper. You will not be able to know this character's next activities. Therefore, choosing a safe shooting angle will be the top choice. You should not aim directly at the entity, but you should also not choose an angle that is too difficult. It's a pity if your balls are deflected away from the goal.

When playing as a goalkeeper, Football 3D will let you know your opponent's shooting angle with dots appearing on the screen. At this point, you need to control your character to jump up or slide down to block the ball. Note that time will be an important factor in catching the object. Don't miss any chance and win gloriously!