FNAF Sister Location

FNAF Sister Location

FNAF Sister Location is a survival game with horror elements. Players will get lost in a dark and creepy place called Circus Baby’s Entertainment and Rental. You take control of a new employee and perform different missions to survive. The character's main job is maintenance at the storage facility, but that's where the terrible nightmare begins. The animatronics were somehow freely operating outside and destroying humans at night. A sudden scare appearing on the screen can make you fall backwards, so always be on absolute alert.



The ultimate goal of FNAF Sister Location is for players to survive each nightly shift. This horror lasts for five nights, and animatronics will come for you every shift. Moving between rooms is inevitable to avoid the pursuit of weird people. You need to complete a number of different missions from the rooms on the map and stay safe each night.

Exciting extras that will be unlocked as players spend all five nights are: visuals and blueprints; a base map; and access to Circus Baby's cupcake minigame menu. Additionally, the achievements you have will exist as four stars. It evaluates your mission completion throughout the thrilling escape process.