Flappy Bird 2

Flappy Bird 2

Flappy Bird 2 is a fast-paced game with obstacles that pop up all the time. This is an additional version of Flappy Bird, the immensely popular game that draws in millions of players worldwide. In the game, players take control of a black bird that must fly over a series of obstacles that are positioned closer together in sewage pipes. You can fly your bird avatar in an infinite loop, but if it hits a sewage pipe or the top or lower limit lines, it will plummet and the player will lose.

There is just one game mode and one primary character in Flappy Bird 2. In addition, the maze is unique at every turn and the sewers will appear to be connected.


How to make the bird flappy?

Players control the bird by using the UP keys or a mouse click to allow it to flap its wings in order to avoid obstacles.

To be a pro controller

  • Play the game several times to become accustomed to the character's fundamental mechanics and tempo.
  • Avoid flying too low, as you will lose if the entity makes contact with the earth.
  • Avoid flying too high since the middle of the screen will typically show safe ways across sewage pipes.
  • Don't tell others to flap your wings too soon.

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