Five Nights at Winston's

Five Nights at Winston's is an amazing horror game of exploring and escaping from a strange school location with strange erasers. Players will take on the role of a school janitor, participating in challenges from a first-person perspective in the security room. Characters that will appear that you must be wary of include: Long Arms, Weird Climber Dude, Laxative Dude, Baby Charles, and Baby Winston. They all have the shape of erasers and appear in different rounds of play. Besides, the camera method in this game is 18 corners.

Players take turns performing seven rounds of missions, equivalent to seven terrifying nights in the security room, to escape successfully. Each round will have different characters and challenges. Good use of control commands to monitor cameras is important to detect unusual occurrences. Occasionally, there will be unexpected situations, like an object suddenly jumping into the middle of the home screen and scaring you. These are the most heart-stopping experiences in Five Nights at Winston's.


Escape from the horror eraser

  • Move the mouse to look around.
  • Use the arrow key to move (direct the point of view on the main screen).
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