Feudle is a game that uses Google searches to create puzzles. Therefore, they are all real data that you can search for or try to find the best answer. Your answer can be anything, as long as it includes seven characters. Players have a total of six guesses, and the results will be displayed when you find the answer or run out of guesses.

Feudle is inspired by the famous crossword game Wordle and it has similar properties. The hint system in this game also shows up as the color switching of the tiles. Specifically:

  • Green: These characters were right. Keep them as they are for a more effective next guess.
  • Blue: These letters appear in the answer. However, players need to change positions to get closer to the answer.
  • Gray: These are the wrong characters. If you don't want to waste guesses, leave them out of future attempts.


Gameplay and some tips

The game's main screen displays a toolbar similar to a Google search bar with incomplete text. Your target is to find that missing word. Because this is all actual data from Google, if you can't guess yourself, players can refer to this search engine itself. Note the number of characters and link the clues properly.