Falling Dash

Falling Dash

Falling Dash is an obstacle course game with unique gameplay. On the screen will appear countless cubes with different colors falling freely from above. Below, a row of deadly black spikes awaits them. In between these spikes, there is just enough distance for the cubes to move through. The players’ mission is to move this spiked fence so that falling objects pass through that safe distance. The pace of the game will gradually increase, making the difficulty insurmountable. Plus, you may become confused while navigating the fence on either side of the screen.

Falling Dash requires high concentration to be able to align the time properly. Even a small collision can cause your round to end. Try to reach the top of the rankings with admirable scores!


Direct the spikes fence

Players click on the screen to move the spiked fence left or right. These directions of movement will be intertwined with each other. This is the factor that can cause interference if you operate maneuver commands continuously for a short time.