Exhibit Of Sorrows

Exhibit Of Sorrows

Experience the ultimate horror in the exploration and puzzle game Exhibit of Sorrows. You will play the role of a stray in a circus with strange clowns. The rooms will have different objects and tasks that require you to solve puzzles. Gamers need to issue maneuver commands to interact with the clowns in each booth. The key will immediately appear as soon as the mission is completed. In the last room, the clown in the picture will show a creepy smile; he will rush towards the screen, and the game lights will be turned off. At this point, you must immediately return to the door to escape.

However, things will not be so simple. The missions players have completed in each round need to be returned to their original state. For example, if you inflate a balloon to make it bigger, then when you come back, you need to deflate the balloon like it was before. In the room with the door, control the power switch and click on the door to open the next round.


Explore the horror circus

Gamers use the mouse to follow the instructions on the screen to complete the challenge. Click on the arrows on either side of the screen to move between rooms in the circus.