Eggy Car

Eggy Car

Eggy Car is a game that challenges your ability to maintain absolute balance. Players will control a car carrying a single egg. Your goal is to travel on bumpy roads as much as possible. The round will end if the egg falls and breaks. The ultimate puzzle in this game is that you need to maneuver the moving speed of the object. It shouldn't be too fast, but just enough to keep the egg safe and still get over the dangerous hills and mountains.

Each round of Eggy Car will bring some bonus coins. Accumulate them and unlock other means of transportation. Each car will have its own characteristics and can protect the egg better. Players can try a high-speed and quite dangerous supercar for the egg or a bulky but safer truck. It's up to you; choose the vehicles you like and conquer impressive distances now!


How to drive the car

Gamers use the right arrow to move the car forward (right side of the screen) and the left arrow to move back. Balance is most important before aspiring to high scores. You can absolutely do it many times over short distances to accumulate coins and buy safer vehicles. Any way is fine; overcome yourself at each challenge to make gradual progress!