Dumb Ways To Die 3: World Tour

Dumb Ways To Die 3: World Tour

Dumb Ways To Die 3: World Tour is a game that includes many different challenges with exciting obstacle course experiences. Familiar characters from Dump Ways To Die once again go on small missions around the world. The game challenges the players’ acumen in predicting how to survive. At the same time, your ability to react quickly is also an important factor in winning.


Explore the stunning gameplay

Dumb Ways To Die 3: World Tour will first open a location with heavily damaged buildings. Gamers choose the first mission according to the instructions on the blue arrow on the screen. Or, you can explore the unlocking conditions of other houses and conquer them. After each round is completed, a house in town will be repaired. In case gamers find the challenges insurmountable, don't worry; your accumulated points can also help with renovations. Players move to a new location when all the buildings at the previous location become as beautiful as they were.

Each mission in Dumb Ways To Die 3: World Tour offers a different challenge. Players will have to face deadly obstacles, dangerous deep holes, thrilling survival routes, and so on. In the end, you still need to protect Stupe (the main character) safely through all these hardships to receive valuable rewards.