Downhill Chill

Downhill Chill

Downhill Chill is a racing game with addictive downhill experiences. Gamers play the role of a character competing with other opponents on thrillingly steep roads. You will have to face dangerous obstacles and slides that cause the object to fly. The ability to adapt quickly will be the deciding factor in your victory. The number of stars you receive will be equivalent to your finishing position. Let's win first place in every race!

Downhill Chill has an impressive number of rounds with 25 stages, each with ten levels. The racing tracks in the game are not too long, but the challenges they bring are very significant. Your achievements can unlock new skateboards for your character with unique features.


Players hold down and move the mouse to navigate the character. The protrusions that cause the entity to levitate will require reasonable clicks to maintain balance. Either you land successfully, or the round ends immediately.