Dordle is a crossword puzzle game with new gameplay that challenges the players’ peak reasoning ability. You will have to guess two five-letter words at a time in seven attempts. Hints will appear as the color of each word box after each guess. In particular, in this game, players can choose between two color-coded palettes. The meaning of each color is:

  • Green/blue: The character is correct, and the position is also correct. Keep them intact for the next guess!
  • Yellow/pink: The letters are correct but change their positions.
  • Gray: These characters do not appear in the answer word. Get rid of them!

Dordle has two game modes: daily and free. While the daily mode allows you to guess one word per day, you can freely participate in multiple rounds with the free mode. Choose a form of participation you like and start the ultimate speculation right away!


How to guess the word?

You can click on the letters on the screen or type with the keyboard to write the answer. Then press the Enter key to receive feedback. A small tip you can apply to conquer the Dordle round is to refer to suggestions from other sources. Besides, don't be afraid to look up the dictionary, ask friends, or do anything else that can make the round more attractive and effective. Don't forget to come back every day to enrich your judgmental experience with this genre.

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