Doodle Jump

Doodle Jump is a casual game that involves jumping on endlessly high platforms. Players control the main character, Doodler, to participate in conquering the highest scores. Avoid obstacles by dodging them or shooting directly at them. At the same time, don't forget to collect great items to enhance your power. In addition, cracked logs can also cause the character to fall. In case it falls on a nearby platform, it will be safe. However, most of the stairs will disappear after the Doodler moves through, so if the entity falls into the void, you lose.



  • Simple command: The main entity will automatically jump to a certain height. Players use the left or right arrows to navigate.
  • Doodle Jump includes 11 different worlds to explore, each with three Easter eggs to collect.
  • Abilities that give characters more power include spring mattresses, jetpacks, rockets, and so on.
  • Objects to avoid include monsters, UFOs, and black holes.
  • Your achievements will be recorded at the cup icon on the main screen.

Other interesting information

  • There are many themes for you to choose from when participating in Doodle Jump, such as Christmas, Easter, Halloween, World Cup, Pirates, etc. These are all extremely attractive concepts and worth trying, right?
  • During some rounds, players will need to earn coins to unlock new skins or increase the Doodler's life.
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