Doge Miner

Doge Miner

Doge Miner is an unlimited-clicker game with exciting moon mining experiences. Players will play the role of a dog named Doge on a mission to exploit rare fuels on the moon. Your task is very simple: continuously click on the screen or unlock features to make the number counter automatically increase rapidly. All the features of a clicker game appear to have a different concept but still help you fully experience this gen


The support features

Accessories are indispensable to raising your score to an admirable level. In Doge Miner, this feature comes in the form of additional manpower or other supporting equipment. There are six automatic counting levels you can use:

  • Mining Shibe
  • Doge Kennels
  • Slave Kittens
  • Space Rocket
  • Moon Base
  • Time Machine Mining Rig

The coin addition level of each feature will range from 0.2 to millions per second. Your score can be up to trillions; that sounds really exciting! The price of these enhancements will increase after each use.

Not only that, Doge Miner also has numerous upgrades that help increase the speed of the enhancements significantly, such as Stronger Pickaxe, Euphoria, More Axes, High Quality Pussy, and Bronze Doge Fortune. These upgrades also use core coins to unlock them. Please activate all of these features to achieve top scores in a short time!