Dino Game

Dino Game is an obstacle course game with the simplest design and gameplay of all time. Here's a copy of the game for those minutes of waiting for your internet connection. Surely players are familiar with an endless straight road with random cacti. Along with that, there is a cartoon dinosaur participating in the challenge. Gamers control this auto-running character to overcome many obstacles to go the farthest distance possible.


You press the spacebar to start the round in Dino Game. The main entity will move automatically in the direction of the main track. Your task is to control the object to jump up to avoid colliding with the cacti by pressing the up arrow key. Additionally, birds will occasionally appear, and the entity must duck to avoid them. Gamers press the down arrow key to perform this collision avoidance action. You won't be able to jump over the bird; don't be so reckless!


  • Dino Game was originally made by Google UX developers Sebastien Gabriel, Alan Bettes and Edward Jung.
  • Every month, about 270 million people play this endless running game.
  • Other names of the game are T-Rex Runner, Chrome Dino, Dino Run, and so on.
  • The highest score you can see displayed on the game is 99999. After that, your score will automatically reset to 0.
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