Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift

Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift

Get ready to enjoy the excitement of the Christmas atmosphere in the game Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift. Your task is to help the little frog get food by cutting the strings tied around the candy cane. The levels in this game will be automatically unlocked when players clear the task in the previous round. Each level will have a maximum of three stars, and players need to collect at least one star to be recognized for completion.

The rules for Cut the Rope will get harder with each round. Take note that, as soon as the rope is cut, it will move slowly. In addition, occasionally the candy will fly up after falling inside the bubble. In order to cause the entity to fall at this stage, you must pop the bubble.


To interrupt the rope, players press and hold the mouse button while dragging a horizontal line across the rope in a manner similar to cutting. Additionally, to burst the bubble, click on it.