Rating is a survival game with tough battles in the yard with many other participants. The game is inspired by the famous game Minecraft, which has similar designs. The pace of the rounds is extremely fast. If players do not react quickly and have effective attacks, they can be defeated in an instant. You will play the familiar character Steve, with the task of collecting gems throughout the yard. At the same time, you must try to survive the stormy attacks of your opponents.



Your game round begins with the image of the main character Steve holding a pickaxe as he prepares for endless mining. Your score will depend on the number of gems you collect. Players can use them to upgrade the main character and unlock some other unique features. Your mission will be made easier with more advanced upgrades.

In particular, also has an outstanding feature similar to the original Minecraft game: you can create or destroy blocks. This helps players build protection systems or serve some other strategic purposes. Besides, placing mines in the right place also helps gamers eliminate a significant number of opponents. Your ranking can also improve after these classy activities.


  • Move the mouse to direct the character.
  • The left-click is to attack.
  • The right-click is to speed up.
  • The number buttons 1 or 2 to change the weapon.
  • Hold the spacebar to stop.
  • Press Enter to chat with other in-game players.