Burrito Craft

With no predetermined objectives, Burrito Craft is a 3D sandbox game where you can customize your gaming style. Rough 3D elements, referred to as "blocks," which represent different materials, make up the game environment. Players can mine blocks and then place them to create objects. Terrain and biomes make up the nearly endless, procedurally created universe.

Burrito Craft has two forms of participation: single-player and multiplayer. The special feature in this version of the game is that you get to choose the image of the main character. However, you will not be able to see the main entity in single-player mode due to playing from a first-person perspective. Multiplayer mode requires gamers to connect to other servers to perform.


Players must first choose the type of land from the toolbar at the bottom of the main screen before you begin crafting unique forms. Next, click where you want the chosen block to be placed.

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