Body Race

Body Race

Body Race is a race against yourself in the challenge of keeping in shape as required. This innovative running gameplay will make your leisure time more fun. You will play the role of a beautiful girl trying to control her weight within the allowable range.

How to achieve the goal? You can't know your character's current weight until you step on the scale at the finish line. Players are allowed to keep their weight within 20 pounds more or less. This is a great feature that helps make the game rules less harsh.


Explore Numerous Items

Each type of item on the main track of Body Race has different uses:

  • Fast food: These are foods that can make characters gain weight. 
  • Vegetables and fruits: To lose weight, you need to maneuver your character to eat these foods.
  • Means of transportation: Depending on the character's current situation, you can choose to walk to lose weight or use other means to maintain the current situation.
  • Exercise: This is definitely an extremely effective weight-loss method. Do a variety of exercises to conquer your ultimate goal.

Control the Pretty Girl

You just need to hold down and move the mouse left or right to navigate the character. A series of rewards await at the end of the road. Get ready for a journey like no other and master your own weight management formulas to be proud of.