Bob The Robber

Bob The Robber

Bob The Robber is a puzzle game with exciting searches and new experiences. You will play as a robber to steal everything. Security guards, laser sensors, and security cameras can make you lose. Be extremely cautious with them. Despite all the dangers lurking, control your character at every level and become an expert in handling situations.

Bob The Robber was developed by MeowBeast. They are the creators behind the whole Bob The Robber series.


About the intro

Bob, a boy born with a special fate compared to his peers. After realizing this, he continuously improved his professional skills. Bob decided to embark on a special path - theft. However, the role model he aims for is a robber for social justice. It sounds absurd, but in Bob's dystopian society, it is extremely reasonable. From there, he began his adventures of sneaking into places of evil and immoral forces to take huge wealth and distribute it to the poor.


  • The main goal: Your first task is to find safes that hide money from tycoons. Use your professional skills to overcome all obstacles.
  • Countless difficult challenges: Dangers are always present to cause obstacles for the character. This game includes five levels, each with its own challenges and difficulties. Strict security guards, ferocious guard dogs, sophisticated laser systems, or cameras can all make you lose if you are careless.