Bad Ice Cream 2

Bad Ice Cream 2

Collect as many fruits as possible and become the best ice cream with the super exciting gameplay of Bad Ice Cream 2. This is a two-player game in which two gamers simultaneously control two different characters and participate in the same matrix. There are two flavors of ice cream, corresponding to two main objects: Vanilla and Strawberry. The players' task is to avoid collisions with monsters and gain more items than your opponents to win.

Bad Ice Cream 2 includes 40 levels that are unlocked one after another as gamers complete the competition in the previous round. Your scores and achievements will be recorded and honored after the final match.


  • Player 1 (Vanilla character): Use the arrow key to move and press the spacebar to break or create ice blocks.
  • Player 2 (Strawberry character): Use WASD keys to move and press the Q key to break or create ice blocks.